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An eco-friendly, natural bath bomb to help you relax and recharge at home

I hope you’re doing okay. I know that many are struggling at the moment. It’s colder, darker and, of course, the pandemic continues to cause huge worry for all of us. Please stay safe and remember, things will get better.

In the UK we’ve just entered a new period of national lockdown. And with that comes even more time at home.

So there’s no better excuse to ramp up the self-care without having to go anywhere or spend a small fortune. An easy way to do this is to get back into baths.

Setting the scene

Evening baths definitely have the edge. I’ve found taking a few moments to get the room ready really does pay off.

First of all, light some scented candles or tea lights. No matter how busy your bathroom might be – toys, products, clutter – there’s something so very relaxing about candlelight.

Then add a decent spa playlist. Spotify has loads. Ideally play through a bathroom speaker, if you have one. Unless you have a top-end smart phone, steam could damage it or you could drop it down the toilet. And there’s nothing relaxing about that.

A special treat

So now you’ve got the room right, it’s all about how to make the water itself relaxing and luxe. Be gone Matey! Or whatever the 2020 equivalent is.

It’s time to welcome in more grown-up additions. With that in mind, today’s post is all about a very special bath bomb from Authentic House. I mentioned them on a post a while back. They do a great subscription service and eco-friendly online shop. 

Remember years ago (I’m talking late ’80s and ’90s) bath bombs were all the rage? I used to get them in little wicker baskets covered in cellophane with other dubious items like tiny bath beads filled with some perfumed, oily solution. These were lethal, especially if you squeezed them near your eyes.

Well, the bath bombs in the baskets always seemed very artificial, crumbly and strong smelling.

Thankfully things have moved on a lot since then.

The look of the Authentic House bath bomb is classy and attractive. It’s pale pink, heart-shaped with dried rose petals set on top. It’s also larger than many bath bombs at 120g.

As you’d expect, using the bath bomb is easy. Just run the bath to the temperature and depth you like and pop it in. It fizzes gently and also turns the water a nice relaxing pale pink colour as the petals disperse. 

After the bath my skin felt soft and moisturised. And best of all, there was no reaction at all during or in the hours and days to come.

What’s it made of?

The Authentic House bath bomb contains no nasties. It’s made of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, pink clay, rose petals, lavender oil and sweet orange oil. The reaction between the first two ingredients give the bath bomb its characteristic fizz.

The scent is subtle. Not like more mainstream bath bombs which tend to contain synthetic perfume and colourings. Just like their ’80s/’90s cousins, I suspect. Of course, these can cause issues if you’re a sensitive soul.

But if you like a more powerful scent, the safer option is to add in some essential oils after you’ve run the water. The steam will help the smell fill the room so it’s super relaxing. 

How about the packaging?

All Authentic House bath bombs are handmade in the UK and come in a compostable brown paper bag  with a paper card label.

So they’re 100% plastic-free. They are also palm oil-free, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. 

Tidying up

The only thing that could be a bit of a faff with this bath bomb is fishing out the bigger rose petals from the water at the end of the bath.

But doing this will save your drains.

To make it easier, you could use a sieve or tea strainer to catch them all before you drain the water.

Make your own

Depending on how much time you have, if you wanted a stock of fancy bath bombs, you could try making your own. There are lots of recipes online like this one from the BBC.

This is a lovely way to create something personal to give to friends and family.

You could even get the kids involved if you’re looking for some new lockdown activities.

Drying out herbs and petals to add in will give your bath bombs the edge. What a great opportunity to re-purpose old flowers.

I’ll try it out and report back in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, if you’re after something small, eco-friendly and affordable to turbo-charge your self-care, check out the bath bombs from Authentic House.

They’d also make a great gift for a frazzled friend at any time of year. Especially next month….

Have you tried any bath bombs lately? What brands do you like? Or have you made some of your own? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Authentic House bath bombs, Rose petal heart, 120g for £4.50, Calendula petal round, 75g for £2.40. Or buy as a set for £6.50. Both available online here.

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