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Do the floss: Eco-friendly dental floss

OK, I seriously cannot floss. I half-heartedly tried it a while back but I’m just not coordinated enough.  Of course, I am talking about one of the dances in Fortnite. Now, I really have no idea about Fortnite at all. Aside from kids becoming millionaires (hats off to them) and, of course, that dance.

So, for my first post I thought I’d focus on greener dental care, starting with dental floss.

The problem with mainstream floss

I always have dental floss in my bag for emergencies. But I went cold turkey for a while when I read about how much plastic is in most mainstream brands. I won’t name and shame them here but you can probably guess. It isn’t just the packaging that’s awful – plastic dispensers, clear outer plastic containers – but, scarily, the floss itself is made of nylon which is derived from crude oil. 

Many brands also coat the floss in a Teflon-like substance. Although this makes the floss glide, it contains chemicals called PFCs and PFAS. Research has found PFCs and PFAS to be toxic (for details of a recent study on this, see here).

If you’re running the floss into your gumline, those nasties can pass through into your bloodstream pretty easily. If you are doing this once or twice a day…not so good.

So, not only is mainstream dental floss terrible for the environment, it’s also a potential health hazard. Not what you want, especially when you’re only trying to look after your teeth.

A better way

You might have noticed a few eco-friendly floss options emerging over the last year or so. I’ve become a convert to Georganics’ spearmint one. It’s made of 100% Ahimsa (Peace) silk, coated with candelilia wax and flavoured with spearmint oil.

Georganics offer two other floss options: orange or activated charcoal. The spearmint and orange options contain zero plastic and are completely compostable. The charcoal floss contains polyester yarn so that one can’t be composted. 

All options are cruelty-free. Ahimsa is a type of silk made in a way that is more humane to silkworms.

As for the packaging, the refillable glass and metal dispenser looks pretty stylish. The outer packaging is a compostable box. Refills come with two rolls, also in a compostable box.

How long does it last?

Each roll of Georganics floss is 30 metres long which gives around 100 applications. So it’ll last about three months if you floss once a day. Or under two months if you have a floss obsession, like me.  

What about performance?

The Georganics floss does a very good job.  Yes, it is a bit less glidey than its toxic cousins but it still works very well and is easy to use. 

My only observation is that the floss does break occasionally on one of my upper teeth. I think that’s just because that tooth has a filling and is a bit sharp on the edges. If the floss snaps, it’s easy to get it out by re-flossing the tooth. No big deal.

On balance, I’m sold and my floss habit is here to stay, now without any health or environmental compromise. Have you tried eco-friendly dental floss? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Georganics Floss, single pack with dispenser, multiple varieties £4.90.  Refills (pack of 2) £6.90.

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