Easy way to prevent pesky pin holes in your tops

Ever noticed tiny pin-sized holes appearing in your tops that get bigger over time? Always in the lower centre. Each one starts at about 1mm and steadily grows until the item becomes unwearable.

If you’re trying to make do with what you have and buy less, this little issue soon becomes a big problem. It gets in the way of good intentions.

The immediate options are: accept looking a bit scruffy or shell out for replacement clothing. Not only is this bad for your bank balance but for the environment too.

And the little holes just keep on coming….

Breaking point

Something had to change when the holes appeared in a top after I’d worn it just three times. The fabric was organic cotton and the top wasn’t thin or poor quality. This made no sense. What was causing them?

If this has happened to you, maybe you’ve suspected sharper than usual zips on jean flies. You might have thought you were being careless with your zipping and catching the tops.

But it’s not your zipping technique or even your zip flies, for that matter.

And have you noticed that only tops you don’t tuck in fall victim to this subtle but serious sartorial crime.

Finally, an answer

After some online research, we’re not all going crazy. These tiny holes are common.

They’re caused by metal hardware on jeans continually rubbing against the fabric of tops.

And the damage is accelerated by things like worktops and other surfaces and also wearing seatbelts. Anything that causes friction on the fabric.

The type of jeans you wear might also have an impact. But as far as I know, no brands have mentioned this problem or designed their products in a way to avoid it.

Prevention is better than cure

So, what to do? You could try sewing some of the damaged tops but that can cause bumps and puckering. Almost as bad looking as the holes.

My go-to prevention method is to use Holé button covers. These are little silicone covers for the top button of your jeans. They come in packs of four containing two matte black covers and two clear.

They all look fine when on. The black ones, in particular, are barely noticeable (they look duller than in the picture below). The clear ones are a bit more obvious close up but completely acceptable.

Are they easy to attach?

Fitting the covers can be a bit fiddly at first. Just fix them over one side of the button and  pull gently to stretch over the rest to ensure a complete and snug fit.

There is a knack to it but once you know how, they’re quick and simple to attach.

The silicone softens over time which makes them even easier to fit as the covers become more flexible.

Will they fit my jeans?

Holé covers come in one size only. Depending on your jeans, the thickness of the cover can mean opening and closing the button takes slightly longer.

Whether the covers will fit your jeans and allow you to open and close them with the cover on really depends on the size of your jeans’ button hole. So far, I’ve not had any issues.

Will they get lost in the wash?

Holé say the covers can be left on when washing your jeans but I take mine off each time as don’t want to risk losing them. It’s really not a big deal taking them on and off, especially when they become more flexible.

Excitingly, I haven’t had ANY holes appearing in my tops since using the covers. It’s been almost a year now too.

For more details about the covers and replies to some common queries, there’s a useful FAQ section on Holé’s website.

So, if you’re plagued by tiny holes in your tops, why not give the covers a try? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below and also if you have any other tips for avoiding the holes.

Holé button covers, £10 for a pack of 4 (inclusive of UK postage), available exclusively online from





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