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Eco-friendly subscription boxes: The sustainable gift that keeps on giving

Only three days to go! Are you ready? Is anyone?

I’m excited to share something that could make a great and original last minute Christmas gift for the difficult-to-buy-fors in your life, especially if they have an interest in eco-living. 

Subscription me up, Scotty

I’m sure you’ve been aware of various subscriptions boxes that have been doing the rounds for a few years now: boxes for beauty, shaving, foodies and everything in between. 

After wondering if there was anything in this space for sustainability that showcases greener options, I came across Authentic House eco-friendly subscription boxes.

Founder Alice says: “I launched Authentic House in July 2018 as an eco-friendly subscription service to build a community around simple, positive changes that we can make month by month. Our roots are in Cardiff, and we source ideas and products from all over the UK and sometimes beyond.”  

Don’t you just love rooting around green shops and also online for new sustainable buys to try? Are you like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to plastic-free and refills? If so, then regularly receiving a box full of surprise green goodies specially curated by someone else will be right up your street. It’s like Christmas Day every month (in a good way).

Available sizes and frequency

I’ve opted for monthly boxes but Authentic House offer two or three month intervals as well. You can choose from three box sizes: small (3 – 4 products), medium (4 – 5 products) or large (5 – 6 products).  The prices are £14.00, £17.00 and £23.00 for each on the one-month subscription option. 

Postage is free and subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. They also sell one-off boxes if you’d prefer not to commit to a regular subscription right now.

Tailoring your box

When you sign up you can tick all the categories of interest to you or the person you are purchasing the subscription for. You can also alert Authentic House to any you don’t want to receive. This is so they can tailor each box to suit the recipient.

What sort of things are in the boxes?

There is lots of variety in the boxes – everything from household cleaning, face and body care, R&R time – so things like candles and bath bombs, dental care, kitchen products and food stuffs.

To give you an idea of specifics, my first two boxes contained:

Box 1: Bathroom Balm by Mangle & Wringer, Castile olive oil soap bar and Lavender and Chamomile Blossoms Ahimsa soy candle.

Box 2: Two cotton mini bowl covers, five reusable nail varnish remover pads (both by Tabitha Eve), a soap bar exfoliating bag and a sweet orange and lavender heart bath bomb.

Before the box arrives, an email with details of what’s in the box is sent.  I desperately try not to read this in advance because I love the surprise of opening the box each time.

Plastic-free packaging

As you can see from the picture above, the boxes themselves are made of very tasteful compostable cardboard with a lovely stamped logo on the front.

They are delivered covered in brown kraft paper and sealed with paper tape. The contents come wrapped in eco-friendly tissue paper. Milestone boxes (e.g. first one, sixth one etc) come with a handwritten note from Alice which is a lovely, personal touch.

Boomerang your empty boxes

Authentic House offer the option of returning the empty (clean and undamaged) boxes to them for re-use. These can be collapsed down and you can return at least six at a time. The cost of second class postage is refunded. You can elect in your settings to receive re-used boxes. It’s great to have the option of going the extra mile for the planet by doing this.

Charity support

Authentic House support for a fantastic charity called Trees for Cities. This plants trees in cities in the UK and beyond to create greener spaces for local communities to enjoy and look after. For every box sold in the UK, Authentic House donate 20p, 30p or 50p, depending on the size of the box. So if you’re keen to make a wider difference through things you buy, this is a great way to achieve that.

I’m excited to be a subscriber and wish Alice and Authentic House every success.  Let me know what you think if you try them out or buy a box or subscription for someone else. In the meantime, have a lovely Christmas! I’ll be back on Boxing Day with another green review.

Sustainable subscription boxes, from £14 per month, Authentic House.

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