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Plastic-free, speedy breakfasts with a hidden festive twist

Today’s post is food-related. It’s all about a sustainable breakfast brand that’s been brightening up my mornings for a while.

Oh, I know that’s not very festive when there’s only five days to go! Keep reading for a nod to Christmas a bit later on.

So, are you a lark or night-owl? Or neither? No matter what, getting up and going during these cold and dark December days is a challenge. Even for the keenest of beans.

Are you pressing snooze on the alarm too many times? Then running around trying to get everyone (and everything) ready? If so, breakfast MUST be as easy as possible.

Trying to choose a planet-friendly breakfast can feel like just another thing to deal with. Arrrggh! But do not fear: it’s easy when you know how.

A great plastic-free breakfast option

On weekdays especially, grabbing something from a box is a quick and easy option. Isn’t it frustrating how most mainstream breakfast options still come in unrecyclable plastic packaging?

Muesli is a particular culprit. Those shiny, colourful bags are almost always destined for landfill.

And most cereal inner bags can only be recycled via a supermarket collection point (if you’re lucky). Compostable breakfast cereal packaging is really where it’s at.

Primrose’s Kitchen muesli and granola caught my eye about a year ago. Set up in 2012 in Dorset, they’ve steadily grown over the years. In 2019, they were acquired by investment company, PK Ventures, but the founder (Primrose, funnily enough) remains on the board.

Primrose is a qualified naturopath and homeopath. She used her training to develop the range. For an interesting interview with Primrose, click here.

Unlike so many breakfast brands, Primrose’s Kitchen’s packaging is genuinely eco-friendly.

The inner bags look like plastic at first glance, but are actually made of home compostable material. They can also go in your council food collection bin, if you have one.

The cardboard boxes can easily be recycled or composted.

What are the flavours?

The muesli and granola come in the following varieties:

Beetroot & Ginger muesli
Orange & Cashew granola
Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon muesli
Pear & Apricot Bircher oats
Turmeric & Banana granola

The first two are more in-in-your-face flavour-wise. The carrot, apple and cinnamon one is more subtle. Like a comforting apple crumble. And the pear bircher is also very light. It’s amazing mixed with plain yoghurt.

The only one I haven’t tried is the turmeric and banana granola as I’m not a banana fan.

The flavours are far more original than the standard nutty, raisin and oat combos in most mainstream muesli and granola. Which, let’s face it, as well as being packaged terribly, are a bit of a bore to eat.

They’re also usually stuffed full of added sugar and salt, making the snooze-button habit even harder to kick.

The ingredients in Primrose’s Kitchen products are organic and raw. This means all the goodness is retained.

The fruits are dehydrated / air-dried at a low temperature and then finely shredded so they remain super sweet. This complements the other ingredients really well. It also means refined sugars aren’t needed.

All Primrose’s Kitchen products are vegan, gluten-free and suitable for a paleo diet too.

That all sounds a bit posh, does it cost a small fortune?

Standard boxes of the muesli and granola cost £4.00. You might think: how can swapping to this be cost effective? Especially if you’ve multiple mouths to feed at home.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Primrose’s Kitchen offer high quality, premium products. So they are a bit more expensive than some other options. But there are plenty of ways to make them last.

Because they’re sweet, I often use them sparingly as a topper for much plainer cereal (I love Rude Health spelt flakes and puffs – in recyclable packaging).

Adding plain yoghurt also makes everything go further. This helps to justify spending a little more than you would on bog standard muesli or granola.

If you order directly from Primrose’s Kitchen, check out the multi-buys such as the hampers and the mix & match offers.

There’s also 2o% off your first order and free delivery when you sign up to their newsletter. A great excuse to stock up for next year.

Beyond breakfast

Fancy experimenting and using Primrose’s Kitchen’s plastic-free muesli or granola in baking or cooking? If so, their website has loads of recipe ideas for sweet and savoury snacks and dishes, which feature the products.

For Christmas time, the gingerbread men with the cashew and orange granola are delicious and fun to make. The all-spice and cloves really complement the granola flavours.

These gingerbread men are a bit softer than traditional ones. Think hobnobs rather than ginger nuts (but without the horrible plastic wrappers, of course!).

Over the summer, I also used the granola to make the orange and cashew tahini cookies. These are addictively crunchy, crumbly and very moreish.

The recipes are pretty forgiving. I’ve made various swaps, such as using regular butter instead of vegan butter and date syrup instead of molasses. They still worked out well.

If you’re a fan of Primrose’s Kitchen already, I’d love to hear your thoughts and favourite products. Have you used the muesli or granola in any recipes? Do you have any other ideas for speedy, eco-friendly breakfasts? Please do share in the comments below.

This is my final post of 2020. What a challenging year it has been for us all. Have a good Christmas even though it won’t be as planned ☹️. Hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

Roll on 2021 and beyond….

Primrose’s Kitchen muesli / granola £4.00 (300g box). Available directly online here or from Waitrose, Ocado and good health food shops.


  • Brindy

    A lovely final blog for the year, setting me up for some better breakfast habits in jan! I’ll try making the gingerbread men with Stella. Thank you for sharing all your small green steps. Happy Christmas lovely xxx

    • Sarah

      Aww – thank you so much and I’m sorry for my delayed reply! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. The gingerbread men are lots of fun to make and really yummy too. Hopefully Stella will agree xxx

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