Most of us are living in a zone of plastic overload.  It’s become the default. But there’s so much information and noise around sustainability. How to change? Where to start? It’s a minefield knowing who to trust. Then there’s finding time to properly engage with any of it. And when you do, how do you deal with the scare-factor?

My aim is to inform and inspire you to live green. To make choices every day that support eco-friendly causes and ways of living. I make two promises:

1) You won’t find any preaching or judging here (and I don’t claim to be perfect myself); and

2) I will only recommend things I think are worthy of your time and cash.

Everything featured on Small Green Steps has been researched, purchased, tried and tested by me personally. Independently. Without financial gain and with no affiliate links. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Hope you enjoy!

Best wishes,